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RZ Medizintechnik was founded by Rainer Zubrod in Tuttlingen, the world center of medical technology, in 1995 and it is still managed by him, his son Tobias and their family.

The company has made a significant name for itself in the world of medical technology.

The farther backward you look, the farther forward you can see.

Winston Churchill

Our Team

Our employees are dedicated professionals who identify with the company and work together to deliver the outstanding performance at RZ Medizintechnik. Our team has grown as an efficient unit since 1995. We are a company that understands and caters to families and their needs. Satisfied employees are the key to satisfied customers.

What makes working for us so special

Success Story
Rebecca Scheibe

I started my career in the quality management department at RZ. After my parental leave, I rejoined the department, which had grown considerably in the meantime, and was warmly welcomed back.
My job as a quality management employee and my challenging role as a mother can be combined very well at RZ Medizintechnik.
RZ generally offers mothers good scope for action so that they can fulfill both roles. For me, this is reflected in the form of a working time model that is suitable for me, including a home office component.

RZ supports me with maintaining a good balance when it comes to family and career.
Success Story
Nawfal Hajani

I came to Germany as a refugee from Iraq in 2016. In Iraq, I was a skilled metalworker, which meant I was able to start working at RZ. After a familiarisation phase in the company, I was warmly welcomed into the team.
I have now been working at RZ-Medizintechnik for 5 years, initially in the warehouse and dispatch department and currently on a laser labelling machine.
I am also very proud to work in an important area of the company and to be part of the team.
In all these years I have been able to build up a very good relationship, because I feel accepted and integrated.

At RZ, I feel accepted and integrated.
Success Story
Hartwig Moosmann

In 2008, RZ Medizintechnik advertised a position for an in-house graphic designer and photographer. This has been my job for 15 years now and I take care of the illustrations for our products, design of our catalogues and pretty much everything that has to do with advertising material. In the otherwise fast-paced advertising branch, it is rather unusual to stay in one job for so long, especially when the field of medical technology seems so sterile and dry from the outside for designers and photographic artists like me.

Back then, I started out designing the first catalogues and quickly felt accepted and valued within the company. A major advantage at RZ is the informal atmosphere with none of the competitive pressure typically found in advertising agencies. Even after all these years, I enjoy a great deal of variety in my daily tasks. I am always faced with new challenges, learn a lot and have the opportunity to further my creative development. For me, medical technology has become a speciality, and something I wouldn't want to do without.

I am still proud to be part of the ever-growing team, despite the "special role" at RZ. Sometimes I wonder where all the years have gone and I look forward to many more.

I feel appreciated at RZ – and have done so for 15 years now!
Success Story
Thorsten Bezikofer

Since 2019, I have been the Department Manager for Incoming Goods, Storage and Shipping at RZ. The short paths and quick approaches to solutions, as well as the appreciation as an employee, are very important to me in my daily work at RZ. I am impressed by the interesting and constantly evolving portfolio at RZ.

I support progress at RZ when it comes to new technologies/machines and the ever-growing quality demands. Something I find to be a great challenge is to be and remain able to deliver in such a fast-paced time.

The informal environment – working "hand in hand" with my team and reliable colleagues – personally makes the pleasant working atmosphere at RZ complete.

I value working "hand in hand" at RZ.
The NEW and versatile solution for outpatient and surgical hysteroscopy. VERSATIP combines all the needs of surgeons with the requirements for proper cleaning in the CSSD.
Construction of new building begins.
The new MiLEP system revolutionises urology.
The first step for MDR registration is initiated.
A new generation of endoscopic spinal products is established.
4K cameras and endoscopes are added to the product portfolio.
Introduction of the forceps configurator at RZ Medizintechnik
Introduction of the RZ HF generators at RZ Medizintechnik
Introduction of the laser portfolio at RZ Medizintechnik
RZ Medizintechnik celebrates its 20th anniversary
Expansion of the RZ Medizintechnik company building
Introduction of the Memory Steel instruments at RZ Medizintechnik
Introduction of bipolar resection systems at RZ Medizintechnik
Publication of RZ Medizintechnik's RZ APP
Introduction of robotic bulldog clamps at RZ Medizintechnik
RZ Medizintechnik celebrates its 15th anniversary
Launch of the monthly RZ brochures
RZ Medizintechnik celebrates its 10th anniversary and groundbreaking ceremony for moving to a new company building
The next generation maintains the family tradition – Tobias Zubrod joins the company.
Introduction of 3-piece detachable laparoscopy instruments at RZ Medizintechnik
Introduction of urology systems at RZ Medizintechnik
Introduction of endoscopic spinal surgery at RZ Medizintechnik
Relocation to a larger building and introduction of RZ endoscopes at RZ Medizintechnik
Founding of RZ Medizintechnik by Rainer Zubrod

Our Values

It is our top priority. We therefore focus especially on constantly maintaining and evolving the quality standards of RZ products.

We mainly rely on regional partners when it comes to cooperation. Close proximity ensures a special, lively exchange, which builds mutual trust – this, for us, is the be-all and end-all of a successful partnership.

We aspire to constantly improve the sustainability of our RZ products and in doing so, to make a valuable contribution.

We know that our success is only possible with satisfied, trustworthy employees, which is why we take special care to always be willing to listen so that we can constantly increase employee satisfaction. This includes with the option of working from home, various part-time working models or special benefits.

We are committed

We feel a close connection to the region around Tuttlingen and its people.

This is where we have our roots. This solidarity has created an obligation for us – not only towards the region, but also towards the people who live there.

Current Sponsoring Projects

Sponsoring of the "KSK HRVATSKA" Bowling Club

In keeping with the team spirit that is very important to us, we have been sponsoring the local bowling club “KSK HRVATSKA” since 2024. One of the players is even an employee of our company. We wish everyone GUT HOLZ!

We have strong roots in our area, value voluntary work and want to support it with our partnership.

Gerlinde Zubrod

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