ENT for the mouth, throat and upper respiratory tract

The range for head and neck surgery is very comprehensive and includes specialities such as laryngoscopes and long-shaft instruments in addition to general instruments. With these solutions, we try to help otolaryngologists, general surgeons and surgeons specialising in the endocrine system to treat various diseases in adult and paediatric patients. These include various oral pathologies, but also diseases in the laryngo-pharyngeal area as well as broncho-oesopharyngeal.

  • Disorders of the thyroid and parathyroid glands
  • Tonsil and adenoid diseases
  • Respiratory-related sleep disorders
  • Speech disorders and respiratory diseases
  • Lymph node biopsy
  • Tumour resection

Instruments for the oral cavity and larynx


Bronchoscopy and oesophagoscopy

In this field and the interaction between general surgeons and specialists in oral and laryngeal surgery, the focus is on interventions in the oral cavity or the tonsils, but also on radical functional preservation surgery in the larynx/hypopharynx area.

Discover our instruments, such as

  • Mouth retractors and tongue depressors
  • Specialised grasping forceps and holding forceps
  • Specialised scissors and punches
  • Instruments for tonsillectomy
  • Adenoid forceps
  • Hooks and probes

A laryngoscopy is used to examine the endolarynx in detail. The larynx, laryngeal mucosa, changes, deposits and the mobility of the vocal folds can be assessed. In addition, biopsies can be taken and foreign body removal and microsurgical procedures can be performed.

During direct larnygoscopy, the endolarynx is viewed directly by the examiner. The examination is usually performed with the head in an overstretched position and procedures such as vocal cord sample excision, decortication, vocal cord polyp removal or chordectomy are possible.

Indirect laryngoscopy is the examination of the endolarynx using a laryngoscope. The examination with flexible or rigid endoscopes is categorised as indirect laryngoscopy.

RZ continues to focus on reusable instruments and traditionally has a comprehensive portfolio of endoscopic laryngoscopes or direct laryngoscopes with a cold light source or connection for a cold light cable.

In addition, we offer many special instruments such as long-shaft forceps, biopsy punches and scissors to treat deeper structures.

Laryngoscope blade

Laryngoscope blade

Laryngoscopy instruments

Laryngoscopy instruments

Diagnostics and minimally invasive treatment of the upper airways and the proximal digestive tract are also part of our complete ENT instrument set.

Full HD telescopes in lengths of up to 60 cm with configured instruments as well as rigid long-shaft instruments or semi-rigid or flexible instruments help to treat structures in the upper airways and parts of the oesophagus.

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