Preparation, sterilisation and storage

The most important aspects of sterile supply management are hygiene, safety and reliability. Precise cleaning and smooth inventory management of surgical instruments are the be-all and end-all, alongside logistics and automatic prioritisation of sterile production.
The reliable and efficient supply of sterile goods to the operating theatre is essential for the overall quality and potential of a clinic.

We work hand in hand with clinical partners and produce under high quality standards in Germany.

Container systems

Strainer baskets


The new integrated safety lid and the ergonomic, low-noise handles, which are also colour-coordinated, ensure optimum sterile goods storage.

Other special features of the container system are as follows:

It is possible to change the lid seals effortlessly and without tools, as they are not glued in place. The additional stability of the containers is ensured by the reinforced sides of the trays. To ensure the longevity of the product, all moving parts of the container are made of durable stainless steel. Reinforced pins have been incorporated into the inside of the lid so that you can rely on the filter holder to withstand use without any problems. Another plus point: the integrated spring system ensures that the air/vapour media can be changed reliably.

All features at a glance:

  • Integrated safety lid
  • Ergonomic, low-noise handles
  • Colour-coordinated lid and handles
  • Increased stability thanks to reinforced container walls
  • Safe air and vapour fluctuation thanks to integrated spring system

The main advantages of the mesh baskets are the smooth surfaces, which prevent damage to surgical gloves, and the close-meshed side walls, which minimise the risk of fine instrument tips getting caught.

The tray baskets can be transported in a container system.

Examples of sieve basket variants:

  • the latest stainless steel sieve basket can also be operated with just one hand
  • Perforated sheet steel sieve basket: particularly suitable for solid instruments. Now also available with rounded corners.
  • the classic sieve basket: wire sieve basket
  • Endoscopy sieve basket: suitable for all optics
  • Small parts sieve basket: suitable for screws and nails thanks to the fine-meshed side walls
  • ISO/DIN laundry basket: particularly space-saving as the baskets are stackable

In addition to cleaning sprays, silicone mats and filters, silicone inserts, for example, are also available as accessories.

Please ask us if you need any accessories for your container system.

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