Surgical Hysteroscopy

Surgical hysteroscopy enables surgical procedures to be performed through the body’s natural orifices.

Indications such as uterine fibroids, polyps, adhesions or a septate uterus can be treated via surgical hysteroscopy using Full HD optics and hybrid resectoscopes. Our system enables both monopolar and bipolar use and the thin outer shaft of 18.5 mm often helps to prevent stretching of the cervix.

26 Charr. HYBRID Resectoscope

18.5 Charr. HYBRID Resectoscope "Grazia"

VERSATIP instruments

The HYBRID resectoscope is a device designed and built for the electrosurgical treatment of medium and large pathologies.
The RZ hybrid system represents the latest technology and enables the operator to work with a single instrument in both monopolar and bipolar energy, depending on their preferences. All they need to do is replace the cable and the glycine/sorbitol solution used for the monopolar method with NaCl saline.

This is used for the bipolar method.
The option to use the latter to substitute the more traditional sugar solution prevents the sodium concentration in the cells from changing and helps reduce the problem of hyponatraemia, as an electrolyte imbalance poses a danger to the patient.

  • Unique, lightweight design for maximum comfort during the procedure
  • Ergonomic handle with titanium inserts
  • Efficient locking system to ensure the safety of the endoscope used
  • 360° rotatable sheath with continuous flow and enlarged outflow holes
  • Anti-reflective inner sheath with slanted, atraumatic ceramic tip and obturator
  • QuickLock-type assembly/disassembly system.

The Grazia system with an outer diameter of 18.5 Fr. and optical system with a diameter of 2.9 mm is a system that can be used for two techniques. The hybrid system for monopolar and bipolar electrodes enables full flexibility with a minimal diameter. It enables cervical stretching to be avoided without compromising imaging.
Additionally, our cold knives can be used for currentless surgery.

The hybrid system in 26 Fr. with passive and active working element offers the full range of electrodes.

The NEW and versatile solution for outpatient and surgical hysteroscopy.
VERSATIP combines all the needs of the surgeon with the requirements for proper cleaning in the CSSD.

  • Detachable – a single handle for all uses
  • Colour coding – easy tip identification
  • Two handles – self-retaining and standard
  • Easy connection – reliable ball tip technology
  • Lightweight handle – fits into your fingers perfectly
  • Easy cleaning – irrigation connection for the entire instrument
  • 360° rotation – with just the fingertips
  • All parts can be ordered separately

VERSATIP instruments

VERSATIP instruments

5 Charr. VERSATIP instruments

5 Charr. VERSATIP instruments

Dr. Antonio Accardi

15 years of experience and expertise in the fields of gynaecology and hysteroscopy make Dr Antonio Accardi a highly competent and valued partner of RZ.

The collaboration between RZ and Dr Antonio Accardi mainly focuses on the development of hysteroscopic instruments. He is also an experienced speaker and supports RZ at international congresses, in addition to leading clinical courses and webinars.

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