Ho-Ho-Ho! Welcome to the RZ Christmas Market!

This year, too, RZ employees have put together a small Christmas market – with all kinds of treats such as waffles, chocolate fruits, raclette bread, potato noodles and roasted sausages. Of course, there was also punch and mulled wine, which was best enjoyed while warming up by the warm fire bowl.

There was also a very special gift this year. Each employee received a backpack specially chosen for them with a very special little something inside. The move to the new building is scheduled for the beginning of 2023 – we are all looking forward to it immensely. For this reason, an embroidery was placed inside the backpack with the hashtag #rzumzug2023
The gift is intended to symbolise the joint move and the next big step in the RZ company history. Management is happy about every single employee who is a part of it.

The whole RZ team wishes you a wonderful rest of the pre-Christmas period and relaxing holidays!
Enjoy yourself!