Trocar systems

Trocars are medical instruments that create either a sharp or blunt access to a body cavity. Our trocars are based on a very flexible principle so that the trocar system used can be freely configured.

At RZ, a distinction is made between a MultiPort and a SiliPort trocar system. There are also solutions for thorascopy and safety trocars.

All RZ trocars are reusable and therefore a sustainable, ecological and economical system.

Verres Kanüle



Modular trocar system

Flexible trocar systems

Safety trocar system

The special Siliport system is a very light trocar system for trocars from 5-13 mm.

  • Reusable and autoclavable seals
  • Reusable and autoclavable silicone valve
  • Stainless steel stopcock
  • Lightweight plastic housing
  • Self-centring conical sleeve
  • Lightweight synthetic sleeve with thread

The stainless steel multiport system can be completely dismantled and is therefore easy to clean. The multiport system is reusable and therefore makes an important contribution to avoiding hospital waste.

  • Reusable and autoclavable seals
  • Easy to open by pressing the lever
  • Stainless steel stopcock
  • Ergonomic stainless steel housing
  • Self-centring conical sleeve
  • Smooth stainless steel sleeve
  • Can be combined with all available trocar sleeves

Whether Multiport or Siliport - both systems can be combined with all trocar sleeves and mandrels for 5mm, 10mm and 13mm.

These systems can be freely combined with the trocar systems.

  • Smooth, straight
  • Smooth, with 45° opening
  • Threaded
  • Smooth, straight, plastic
  • Thread, plastic
  • Self-tapping with visual inspection

RZ also offers trocar mandrels in the following versions:

  • Trocar point
  • Round pointed
  • Round blunt
  • Cannulated

In addition to the standard sizes, RZ also offers trocars in 3.5mm and 15mm, as well as reducing sleeves and other accessories, making the system universal.

Flexible trocar system for the use of curved instruments - especially in thoracic surgery.

  • Complete thoracic trocar system
  • For inserting curved or strongly curved jaws
  • For 5 mm and 10 mm instruments

To avoid iatrogenic injuries when placing the first trocar, this technology has strong advantages. The traumatic tip penetrates the musculature and the peritoneum. As soon as the tip penetrates the abdominal cavity, a protective mechanism is activated which prevents injury to underlying organs.

Verres cannulas in 2.0 mm and 2.7 mm in various lengths for insufflation prior to the actual laparoscopy.

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