Diagnostic hysteroscopy

Mini and midi hysteroscopes, sheath systems and special instruments for outpatient hysteroscopy. Mini and midi optics with a diameter of 2.0 or 2.9 mm allow gentle access, especially in outpatient or office hysteroscopy. Flexible and semi-flexible rotatable instruments support diagnosis and minimally invasive therapies.

Midi diagnostic system

Mini diagnostic system

VERSATIP instruments

The Midi system consists of 2.9 mm FullHD optics with 0°, 12° and 30° viewing angles. These are combined with sheath systems in various lengths with and without a working channel. The oval cross-section allows gentle access and instruments up to 5 Charr can be used for diagnostics and small therapeutic procedures.

5 Charr. VERSATIP instruments

5 Charr. VERSATIP instruments

Midi diagnostic shafts

Midi diagnostic shafts

The mini hysteroscopes with optical diameters of just 2 mm allow access with an outer shaft of 3.7 mm. The system with an outer diameter of 4.3 mm enables combination with our 5 Charr VERSATIP instruments.

Mini diagnostic shafts

Mini diagnostic shafts

The NEW and versatile solution for outpatient and surgical hysteroscopy.
VERSATIP combines all the needs of the surgeon with the requirements for appropriate cleaning in the CSSD.

  • Detachable - one handle for all uses
  • Colour code - easy identification of the tip
  • Two handles - self-retaining and standard
  • The ball tip technology enables easy connection of the individual parts
  • Very light grip - the perfect fit for your fingers
  • Easy cleaning - rinsing connection for the entire instrument
  • 360° rotation - only with the fingertip
  • All parts can be ordered individually


VERSATIP assembly and disassembly instructions

New and versatile solution for outpatient and surgical hysteroscopy

Dr. Antonio Accardi

With 15 years of experience and expertise in the fields of gynaecology and hysteroscopy, Dr Antonio Accardi is a highly competent and valued partner of RZ.

The main focus of the collaboration between RZ and Dr Antonio Accardi is the development of hysteroscopic instruments. He is also an experienced speaker and supports RZ at international congresses, leading clinical courses and webinars.

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