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Medical products for endoscopy, instruments for open surgery, devices and optical systems, services and cooperations, as well as our RZ Service have formed the basis for independent family-owned company, RZ Medizintechnik, since 1995.


RZ Medizintechnik is a family owned company based on traditional values. Our
customers, business partners and employees can always rely our true
values and principles. Thanks to our uncompromising attitude towards the
quality and workmanship of our products, we enjoy an excellent reputation
worldwide and distribute our high-tech products to over 52 countries on all

For every field

Keyhole surgery? That’s where we and our products come in. We are committed to the constant development of our endoscope range, which includes:

Our wide range in endoscopy primarily focuses on:

We also develop and supply high-quality instruments and services for general surgery and offer more than 10,000 different instrument variants.

Our Values

We base our company on four fundamental pillars:

The quality of our products at RZ is our top priority. To maintain our quality standards at all times, we mainly rely on regional partners when it comes to cooperation. Close proximity ensures a special, lively exchange, which builds mutual trust.

Against this backdrop, the sustainability of RZ products is also constantly expanding. But another thing we know is that our success is only possible with satisfied, trustworthy employees, which is why we take special care to always be willing to listen so that we can constantly increase employee satisfaction. This includes the option of working from home, various part-time working models or special benefits.

We have the answer

The operation, use and maintenance of medical devices is subject to strict legal requirements and requires a high degree of reliability and experience. At RZ Medizintechnik, we bring together technical expertise with a passion for supporting you. Because of this, our service team is your reliable partner when it comes to important purchasing decisions, such as the smooth delivery of spare parts and accessories, rapid problem diagnostics and technical training.

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