Sinuscopy and endonasal endoscopy (FESS)

The endoscope and improved instrumentation have revolutionised the technology of endonasal surgery. The focus in oral and maxillofacial surgery is increasingly on the preservation of anatomical structures. Endoscopy and the surgical instruments specially developed for this purpose have played a decisive role in establishing modern, less traumatising mucosa-preserving procedures. The standard of endonasal surgery continues to be the sinuscopes 0 degrees, 30 degrees, 45 degrees and the 70 degrees. Modern FESS techniques can be performed more safely and accurately through the use of CT-assisted navigation systems, and the advancement of specialised instruments facilitates access and surgery.

Our comprehensive portfolio of sinus surgery products and accessories includes precision instruments, sinuscopes and specialised solutions for the treatment of various diseases of the nose and sinuses, such as

  • Chronic sinusitis
  • Nasal obstructions
  • Polyps, tumours and aspergillomas
  • Anterior skull base lesions

Instruments for anterior cranial surgery

Optics for sinuscopy and FESS

Zlider - the one-piece detachable instrument

Instruments for endonasal endoscopy - FESS

State-of-the-art sinuscopes for excellent image quality and finest details Full HD resolutions are the basis for endonasal surgery.

All sinuscopes show a realistic reproduction of the anatomy with a superb illumination of the image. The sinuscopes are compatible with common camera systems, making them easy to use and quick to deploy in the OR. We offer sinuscopes from 0° to 70° in various lengths from 2.7mm to 4.0mm diameter.

The sinuscopes show high durability and are fully autoclavable.


The innovative instrument programme with the "slide to clean" mechanism combines the functionality of shaft instruments with easy preparation and cleaning. With the Zlider, instruments that are otherwise very complex to clean and can be disassembled several times can be slid open with a simple handle and can then be cleaned open but not disassembled.

They simplify the task for the CSSD and make their instruments less complex without compromising functionality.

In addition to the unique cleaning technology, all Zlider instruments are equipped with the ergonomic RZ handle and feature the classic Tuttlingen quality, which is evident in the handling and precise dissection of the jaws.

The Zliders are available as Blakesley or Takahashi versions.

In sinuscopy or FESS (Functional endoscopic sinus surgery) is minimally invasive surgery to treat sinus disorders without an incision using an intranasal approach.
We offer minimally invasive powered ENT instruments for sinus surgery that help preserve the mucosa and minimise tissue damage, while guaranteeing maximum access and optimal visibility during sinus surgery.

At RZ, we have been involved in this field for a very long time and continuously try to develop innovative instruments that help you perform sinus and skull base surgery safely.

Our various forceps, punches and nasal scissors stand out as a highlight. In addition to precise dissection, all these instruments are equipped with the ergonomic and lightweight RZ handle. Furthermore, a LuerLock connection proximal to the handle ensures cleaning of the entire instrument and the Lotus Finishing prevents surface corrosion.

Minimally invasive transnasal endoscopic approaches to the anterior skull base are complex and represent the link to neurology. In this anatomically complex and highly vascularised area, optimal visibility and good access to the surgical site are essential.

We develop products and see a focus in providing you with the instruments for complex procedures at the anterior skull base for this area.

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