HF instruments and accessories

In high-frequency surgery (HF surgery), cells and the corresponding tissue are altered by the current, resulting in haemostasis of blood vessels. For monopolar and bipolar applications, in open as well as endoscopic surgery, we offer many solutions in various clinical applications.

We are focussing on applications in laparoscopy, urology and hysteroscopy and are continuing to develop solutions for the future. In addition, the classic applications with bipolar forceps in the various disciplines of open surgery and the monopolar use of instruments continue to be an important part of our overall programme.




Our monopolar instruments and handles are designed for use with RZ HF generators. Depending on the model, the monopolar handles are compatible with electrodes with a 2.4 mm or 4 mm connection.
In addition to the connection to the RZ generators, we offer a comprehensive range of cables for connectivity to most devices on the market.

Monopolar instruments

Monopolar instruments

The non-stick bipolar forceps are a particular highlight. Sticking often leads to unwanted tissue residue at the tip of the forceps when coagulating tissue. This undesirable effect is prevented by the use of non-stick forceps.

The tedious and time-consuming cleaning of the forceps during the operation is no longer necessary, which reduces operating times and improves the clinical result.

A material with special thermal properties at the tips of the forceps is responsible for this effect. The non-stick effect remains permanent even after repeated sterilisation and autoclaving.

Bipolar Instruments

Bipolar Instruments

We offer a very comprehensive range of cables and adapters so that we can guarantee extensive compatibility with our instruments and generators from other manufacturers. We help you to invest only in the device or instrument that you currently need.

Accessories neutral electrode

Accessories neutral electrode

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