Injuries to the rotator cuff, biceps tendon and various other pathologies require diagnosis and usually also surgery on the shoulder.

For minimally invasive surgery, we have developed special instruments such as the suture passer or suture cutter with clinicians that support these frequent operations. The instruments are designed specifically for the anatomy in the shoulder.

ArthVIEW® Optics

RZ Suture Passer

ArthFLOW® socket system

State-of-the-art arthroscopes for outstanding image quality and the finest details in Ultra High Definition (4K) or the proven Full HD resolutions are our standard.
All arthroscopes show a realistic reproduction of the anatomy with superb image illumination.

Matching Arthflow shafts that can be coupled to the eyepieces using quick-action couplings are also available for all arthroscopes. This enables easy use and quick deployment in the OR.

The arthroscopes are highly durable and fully autoclavable.


The RZ shafts are manufactured carefully and especially for optical systems and therefore guarantee combination with the optical systems from 0° to 70°. The ArthVance shafts come with a Quick Lock connection system and are available in different sizes, lengths and designs for all arthroscopic applications. The ArthFlow shafts have a high flow rate and irrigation holes for good visibility. HighFlow shafts are also available for even better irrigation performance. The shafts securely enclose the tip of the arthroscope and the rounded tip prevents injury to the meniscus. The irrigation holes are recessed to reduce tissue entanglement.

The obturators with their different tips can be selected separately according to preference.

The manual instruments act as an extension to the hand in the joint. The special sliding shaft mechanism enables direct force transfer from the hand to the jaw for a precise tactile feel. The pinless mechanism is very robust and thus reduces the risk of material breakage. This technology also allows for an extremely flat design, ensuring easier access to lesions in narrow joint spaces. The extremely sharp cutting edges of our punches and scissors ensure precise resection control. The manufacturing technology from Tuttlingen and the precise stainless steel edges enable maximum sharpness and durability. The well-known lotus surface facilitates cleaning and increases the corrosion resistance of the instruments. All ArthVance instruments come with an integrated irrigation channel and LuerLock connection for cleaning.

We greatly value the uncompromising quality and durability of our product with all our ArthVance instruments from RZ.

The suture passer is a valuable tool for rotator cuff surgeries and suture anchor placement. The suture passer enables thread insertion, penetration through the tissue and simultaneous thread pulling in one step.

Our suture passer can be used with a reusable needle or a single-use needle. The suture passer has a special narrow jaw and is optionally available as a frontload or sideload version.


RZ Suture Passer

RZ Suture Passer

We offer a wide range of instruments with different handles and jaw shapes for rotator cuff and labral surgery. In addition to Birdy, Sixer and the Smart Hook, we offer various suture cutters, thread grippers or even knot pushers.
Suture instruments such as the Birdy or Sixers are characterised by an extremely fine tip for atraumatic perforation through the tissue.

The various designs of thread cutters are extremely valuable arthroscopic instruments which facilitate the cutting of braided threads and cut them off smoothly, leaving a 3 mm long thread end.

The manual instruments function using the proven sliding shaft system, which guarantees direct power transfer to the jaw and boasts significant stability advantages compared to classic tubular shaft systems.

The lotus surface of the instruments significantly reduces the risk of corrosion. All ArthVance instruments come with an integrated irrigation channel and LuerLock connection for cleaning.


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