Because to us, good is simply not good enough

Superlative quality is no random outcome here at RZ Medizintechnik. Instead, it is the result of targeted planning and equally precise implementation. This takes place in close collaboration with our customers as well as with accredited, approved test bodies and authorities. The requirements on quality and safety associated with the use of medical products are much more stringent than they are in most other industries, and are becoming more so all the time. As part of our quality management system, technical requirements are defined in interactive and close cooperation between our medical technology specialists and our customers, and at the same time are checked for feasibility. Process reliability and the prevention of unnecessary costs further enhanced the benefits to our customers.

“In the manufacture of products for medical technology, quality, precision and cleanliness are matters of top priority. One gear must mesh with another for us, at the end of the process, to emerge with a high-quality medical technology product”. – Maximilian Braun.