Dream Tweezers

Your Design - Your Dream Tweezer (DT)

We are confident that we can provide you with the right forceps for your intended use. Just take a look. With our forceps configurator, it is a simple task for you to select your individual forceps and to contact us for further advice without any obligation.

To the configurator

Design your dream tweezer online

Never before has it been possible to design your dream tweezers yourself on the computer and have them produced using the most modern methods and materials. Our DreamTweezer configurator offers you this world first.

Desired delivery

From months to days - each piece is individually made immediately after your order only for you. It leaves after a few days our production in Tuttlingen.

Laser sintered tweezers according to your requirements

Medizintechnik 4.0 - The best product for your special application for the benefit of the patients. Your wishes directly into the machine. Each pair of tweezers is equally valuable, each model is available at the same price.

Use in the operating room - CE secured

Our DT are characterized by a titan base, which is finished with an FDA and CE compliant RILSAN coating. All DT have a NON-STICK tip to prevent tissue sticking and complicated cleanings.

Tutorial Video

An overview of the Dream Tweezer Confogurator is shown in this video.