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OEM-Development | Bundling competences

Development & competencies
Extend and round off your portfolio of medical technology products and benefit from our expertise without the cost of in-house development work. Working on a joint basis with you, we can devise a product concept and you benefit in the process from our experience in development, manufacture and marketing.
Why RZ Medizintechnik as an OEM?
In close cooperation with everyday practice, we develop individual OEM customer solutions that comply with all commonly used and market-specific standards. High-precision work, even down at the tiniest of dimensions, is something we can take in our stride. As an OEM manufacturer and as a medical technology specialist, we can offer you high-end processing quality, consistent excellence and innovative expertise that will strengthen your brand.
Sharing the way ahead
RZ Medizintechnik is your dependable partner across the board - from the product concept stage to the feasibility study, detailed development work or process design culminating in efficient and high-quality volume production.
Examples of projects
Our customers around the world value our expertise in finding technically ingenious solutions to the individual tasks they set us, and also appreciate our uncompromising approach to quality.
Licensing and approval
We take care of all details up to labeling and product approval. With our experience and expertise in medical technology, we can serve you as a competent partner in all questions relating to product approval. Our services include:
  • Providing advice on approval-specific questions relating to product development.
  • Research into standards and patents.
  • The creation of technical documentation and the revision of existing documents.
  • The production of accompanying paperwork.
  • Communication with test laboratories and Named Bodies.
  • Compliance checks of fundamental MPG requirements.
  • The creation of approval applications.

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