A day at the "Europa-Park"

Despite bad weather conditions, Team RZ had a lot of fun at this year's company outing. We say thank you to the company managent for this wonderful day!

Homeoffice life at RZ

The Corona virus affects currently all parts of our life and makes our daily routines different. We at RZ will continue provide our service as you are all used to but at the same time we will reduce the risk of infection for our team as much as possible. That means our customer service team, the quality management and marketing deaprtment is partly working from homeoffice and we use all technical possibilities to work as one team Even that this is a new situation, our RZ Team stays closely together and  sometimes it feels as we are more a team than ever before. You as our customers will get the same qualitiy of service  and we continue to ship RZ products around the world but at the same time we try to protect our health and keep us safe. Take care and stay healthy ! #teamrz #dividedbutstrong

Summer trip to play minigolf

The Team of RZ traveled on foot to Tuttlingen's Minigolf facility. We had a lot of fun "putting" on the tracks, that can also be used for professional championships. After "minigolfing", we enjoyed a delicious meal. It was a lovely summer day for all of us.

Fine employee honored for 15 years of company service

With a warm and emotional welcome, we honored a fine employee for her 15 years of company service. She is responsible for one of the most important assignments at RZ. We are proud of having such a longstanding staff member as a workmate.