News | BLAX Micro Discectomy System

With this most innovative Micro Discectomy System, RZ provides the instruments for the state of the art operation
practice in spinal surgery.
The BLAX instruments are especially made to use with tubular retractors in different sizes. This technique combines the
advantages of open and endoscopic spinal surgery – the scar is as small as possible and the surgeon can
operate with instruments he is familiar with. This surgery is performed under a lighted microscope.
Because the light of the microscope is very pointed and bright, the black (ceramic coating) surface of all instruments
prevents blinding the surgeon. Additionally the ceramic coating extends the lifetime of the instruments, especially the
delicate jaws. The unrestricted and proper view into the tubular retractor is provided by the bayonet shape of all
instruments. The siliconized handle of the Kerrison punches leads to a better grip and a smoother surface. The spring
of the punches is located on the top of the punch and not in between the handle which prevents clamping the gloves.